Mobile Engineer (Flutter)

Pettysave is hiring!


Pettysave is looking for an experienced mobile application engineer with the knowledge of Flutter to join our awesome development team. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining our cross-platform mobile application. You will work together with other departments of the company to meet the demands of our customer base. Our product is built with:

  • Flutter (Mobile app)
  • Adonis.js / Node.js (Backend)
  • MySQL & Redis (Datastore)
  • Github (Code hosting)
  • Nuxt.js (Frontend)
  • AWS (DevOps)

Job Description

  • Developing and maintaining the mobile application of Pettysave (iOS & Android)
  • Work together with the backend team to develop new features/projects
  • Develop integrations with third parties
  • Improving performance in all components that you design and build
  • Adding analytics, monitoring, and alerts to our service so that we can better respond to operational incidents
  • Develop code with high quality unit testing and integration testing
  • Using and developing internal tools and documentation
  • Work together with the frontend team to create a consistent user interface & experience for our users

Preferred Experience

  • A minimum of 4 years experience in mobile application development.
  • Knowledge of Flutter
  • Knowledge of Git and approaches for software development processes that allow delivering high-quality code
  • Ability to use CI/CD for smooth deployment.
  • Passion for writing clean code with clean architecture and easily-testable code
  • A disciplined approach to automated testing and quality assurance as well as understanding why it is important
  • You are able to find pragmatic solutions for today's challenges while allowing the code to be able to fulfil tomorrows changing requirements
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An eye for good design and accessibility

Nice to haves

  • Experience in native mobile app development

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria ()
  • Experience: > 3 years